Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel Phoenix, AZWhen it comes to the new year, we want to make sure we make realistic goals. There’s no point in overwhelming yourself. So, if you have a goal of working on your anti-aging arsenal this year, where do you start? For us, choosing the right treatment and learning about it is important. So, keep reading to learn about how you can help your skin recover after a chemical peel.


Your skin will be sensitive and turning over after your chemical peel, so prepare to apply moisturizer more than normal. Your skin will likely be more “thirsty” than on an average day. Moisturize as much as you feel necessary, and keep your skin from feeling dry or tight. Adding an occlusive layer to your routine can also help prevent Transepidermal Water Loss.

Avoid Makeup

Avoid makeup if at all possible for a few days after your chemical peel. As your skin turns over and heals, being able to breathe can help it heal faster. Keep it simple by toning down your skincare regime and makeup routine and encourage your skin to recover beautifully.

If you must wear makeup, light mineral makeup is a better choice than thick foundation.

Don’t Pick

One of the hardest parts of a chemical peel is the actual peeling you experience. But, peeling or picking at your skin can actually lead to hyperpigmentation later on.

If the flakes are driving you crazy, you can use some cuticle scissors to trim away the excess skin. Just don’t pull anything off that isn’t ready to come off.

Wear Sunscreen

Your skin will be sensitive and more quick to burn after a chemical peel, so wear sunscreen or stay out of the sun as much as possible. If you don’t have a go-to sunscreen, wearing a hat can also help keep harmful UV rays away.

Are you interested in a chemical peel to give yourself a glowing, fresh complexion for the new year? Winter is a great time for a chemical peel, because there’s less sunlight to worry about. Call us today at (480) 419-9605 to schedule a consultation.