How Facials Can Be Used to Enhance the Skin Quickly and Comfortably

At North Scottdale Med Spa, men and women can visit to enhance their skin and pamper themselves with a variety of medical and cosmetic treatments. One of our more popular treatments is that of facials.

What is a facial?

A facial is an excellent way to improve the skin’s appearance. Most facials are mild and comfortable, providing patients with a relaxing experience while enhancing their skin. Dull skin can be rejuvenate with proper products used in our pracitce.

What type of facial should I choose?

The type of facial best for a patient depends on the goals they would like to achieve. Some patients who have active acne may want to reduce the oils on their skin to help clear it and control blemishes. Others may want to have a facial as a way to unwind from a stressful week at work, and are interested in improving youthfulness and brilliance. Determining the best facial for a patient will be achieved during a consultation appointment with our providers, during which our team can evaluate the health of the skin and provide educated recommendations.

Who performs a facial?

Facials performed at North Scottdale Med Spa are administered with our experienced providers. All of our providers have years of combined experience in providing skin care solutions tailored to each individual patient. Facials can be done as a routine treatment to maintain the skin’s health while patients take care of their skin each day with a custom skin care regimen. Patients are welcome to ask our providers about appropriate products to use on their skin to tackle problems such as fine lines, acne, or rosacea. Our staff can walk you through the skin care process and help you in achieving the skin you’ve always wanted!

Enhance your skin with a facial treatment today!

The providers at North Scottdale Med Spa in Phoenix, AZ are pleased to offer facials for skin rejuvenation! Whether you are seeking a more aggressive facial for the treatment of skin conditions or a simple facial to brighten the skin and maintain its appearance, we can help! Call our office at (480) 419-9605 today and visit our staff at 7000 E. Mayo Boulevard, Suite #1020.