Enhancing the skin’s texture and tone with chemical peels

At North Scottdale Med Spa, patients in Phoenix, AZ and beyond can improve their skin’s texture and tone. One of the more popular procedures that patients choose to perform is that of chemical peels.

What is a chemical peel?

The providers at North Scottdale Med Spa are pleased to offer chemical peels among other services to achieve better texture and tone of the skin. Chemical peels are affordable, effective, and safe for stimulating skin cell turnaround. A special blend of ingredients are put together in a special mask that is applied to clean, dry skin. After just a minute or so, the chemicals are removed from the skin. The chemicals begin the renewal process of the skin.

What types of chemical peels are available?

Chemical peels can be either mild and superficial or deep and aggressive. The milder chemical peels allow patients to rejuvenate the skin without having to take extended time off of social activities or work. The skin may be slightly red, but will recover and bring forth more beautiful texture and tone. More aggressive peels can cause the skin to become extremely red. Peeling of the skin is normal, and many patients choose to take time off of work and activities because of the appearance of the skin during this healing process. However, after the skin has healed, patients are amazed at the rejuvenation they have been able to achieve.

Who is a candidate for chemical peels?

Chemical peels are an effective solution for many of our patients who have mild to moderate skin concerns they would like to address, including improving the texture and tone of the skin. Patients need to book a consultation appointment with our providers to have their skin evaluated and to determine the best solution—whether it is a chemical peel or other skin service.

Learn more about chemical peels with the team at North Scottdale Med Spa today

If you live in the community of Phoenix, AZ and are interested in working with a provider to have chemical peels performed, contact our team. We are located at 7000 East May Boulevard, Suite #1020 and can be reached by phone at (480) 419-9605.