How Latisse can improve lash thickness, depth, and length

Do you want thicker, fuller eyelashes? Do you suffer from hypotrichosis and want a solution to restore eyelashes? Are you sensitive to mascara but want to improve the appearance of your lashes? If this sounds like you, it may be time to speak to the professionals at North Scottsdale Medspa about treatments such as Latisse.

What is Latisse?

Our team in Phoenix, AZ describes Latisse as the first and only prescription medication used to thicken, darken, and lengthen eyelashes. The medication was initially used for the treatment of glaucoma, but it was found a common “side effect” was lash growth. Now, it is used for patients with hypotrichosis (inadequate lashes) or those who have thinning or short lashes. This cosmetic treatment has an active ingredient called bimatoprost can show results in as little as four weeks, with the full enhancement seen after 16 weeks of continued use.

How is Latisse used?

Latisse comes with daily applicators that look like mascara wands with brushes on the end. The Latisse prescription is picked up by the patient and is administered onto the top lashes only before bedtime. When the patient sleeps, the medication is distributed to the lower lashes as well. Gradually, patients will notice an improvement in their lashes and can often enjoy results without the need for mascara!

How long do the results from Latisse last?

As long as patients are using Latisse as directed by their doctor, they will benefit from the results. If patients choose to stop using Latisse, eyelash growth will cease and the lashes will often return to their appearance prior to starting treatment. With continued, daily use, patients will maintain the results and will enjoy the lashes they’ve always desired on a long-term basis.

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