Understanding how microneedling works

Have you ever considered improving your facial skin’s overall appearance and health? Do you find that imperfections on the skin, including fine lines and wrinkles, are causing you to look older than you really are? If you are interested in discussing the benefits of treatments such as microneedling, our team at North Scottsdale Med Spa can help. We encourage you to book a consultation visit with our staff to discuss how microneedling can improve the overall look of your skin with just a few treatments!

What is microneedling?

While microneedling sounds scary, patients shouldn’t be intimidated by this treatment. At North Scottsdale Med Spa, we provide treatment with a specialized device that is administered along the skin. This device has hundreds of tiny needles that puncture the skin. The needles are so small, most patients are able to undergo treatment without needing topical anesthetics that numb the skin. By needling the upper layer of the skin, it stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin—the elements in the skin that keep it looking beautiful! Collagen and elastin production occurs over several weeks, so patients should expect it to take time to achieve the desired results.

Who is a candidate for microneedling?

Many patients are appropriate candidates for this treatment, and can schedule a consultation with our providers to determine if it is right for one’s unique needs. During the initial evaluation, our provider can examine the skin, listen to the patient’s concerns, and decide if they could benefit from this or other skin procedures available at our facility. Microneedling may be done just once or continuously over time to achieve and maintain the results patients desire.

Discuss microneedling with our providers at North Scottsdale Med Spa

Phoenix, AZ area patients who are ready to learn more about microneedling treatments and want to find out if they are candidates should contact the practice by calling (480) 419-9605 for an appointment. During this consultation visit, our team can evaluate an individual to find out if he or she can benefit from this service. The office is located at 7000 E. Mayo Boulevard, Suite #1020 and accepts new patients.